Harmony in Movement

Aikido with mind and body coordination

Aikido is a system for:

Learning about your body
Exploring conflict safely
Discovering your innate energy
Finding and spreading peace
Harmonising with natural laws
Facing your inner self

Learn and practice aikido with mind body coordination in Auckland, New Zealand.


Using the mind and body together  creates stability and strength, and taps into hidden reserves of power. It is an approach that bypasses intellect, and enables one to learn by feeling and experience.


Harmony with Subtle Energy (Ki), when translated to relationships and conflict situations, provides felt strategies for maintaining self-power while influencing others for mutual benefit. 


Do means a Way, a lifetime pursuit, exploration, and mastery of any technique - art, writing, martial arts - that eventually gives insight into one's essential self, and an abiding sense of peace and love.

Latest Posts

December 3, 2019
What is warriorship?

My belief is that when Morihei Ueshiba spoke of warriorship, he was speaking about the past history of martial culture, but, unknown to many, he was also, in his uncanny wisdom and closeness to divinity, sending a message to the future, which to us is now. Present day warriorship is no longer, for most of […]

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November 25, 2019
Aikido is an art of healing

In this post, I will be making a number of statements that may be startling to aikido practitioners. What I am proposing is perhaps, to many, a novel way of viewing aikido. First of all, let me say that I have more than a passing interest in health. As a pre-teen I wanted to become […]

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August 27, 2019
Is resistance needed in aikido?

When I was a schoolboy in the 60s, I used to read a regular series of comics about the Second World War. Cheap and in small school-bag size, they had epic painted covers with line-drawings inside, depicting heroic British air force pilots and army soldiers battling it out with their German counterparts. When the British […]

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