The MindBody Aikido Course


MindBody Coordination is a lifetime journey of discovery.

The course is based on the syllabus of the Ki Federation of Great Britain, and on the teachings of its technical directors. This outline is only meant to give an idea of the material that will be covered.

The course is suitable for almost anyone, and is adjusted for the young and elderly, and for those with injuries or disabilities. You should always feel comfortable and safe in class. If there is any discomfort, advise the instructor.


  • The purpose of aikido - the ancient martial background, the founder's insights, and aikido's relevance in the modern world.
  • Gentle stretches and exercises for health.
  • Introduction to the concept of Ki (subtle energy).
  • The Four Principles of MindBody Coordination.
  • Exercises to develop MindBody Coordination.
  • How to break fall safely.
  • Introduction to aikido techniques.
  • The Five Principles of Aikido, and their analogies in daily life - conflict, leadership, persuasion.


  • Aikido techniques on the move.
  • The internal and external natural principles of effective technique.
  • Healing with MindBody Coordination.
  • Introduction to practice with weapons - wooden knife (tanto), wooden sword (bokken), and wooden staff (jo).
  • Application of MindBody Coordination in daily life.


  • Refining aikido techniques towards deeper relaxation, economy of movement, and power.
  • Deeper study of weapons practice.
  • Applying MindBody Coordination to self-mastery, positive life experience and creative self-expression.
  • How to teach others MindBody Coordination.

Classes in Auckland, New Zealand

Classes are held at 94 College Road, in Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand. Please contact us to register for the classes.

Every Tuesday 7-8.30pm. Cost $15 casual or $50 per month. Please register before attending. Wear comfortable track or gym clothes or Japanese gi.

There are also MindBody Coordination and Aikido workshops held throughout the year. Contact us to be on the mailing list. If you wish to host such a workshop, please let us know.

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