Aikido Workshop July 2024

Principles of Aikido workshop

With Gerald Lopez, 4th Dan Aikido

Gerald Lopez photo

Hosted by Kyu Shin Do Aikido, Auckland

Date: Saturday July 27th 2024

Time: 10.00am-12pm, 9.30am registration

Cost: $50 - Free for KSD members

Address: 94 College Road, Auckland, New Zealand

This practical seminar explores some underlying natural principles of movement and coordination, that could assist in better understanding aikido techniques, and could help with achieving increased flow, more natural power, and greater effectiveness.

Aikido has been considered a study of “maximum efficiency with minimum effort” (Kenshiro Abbe, judo master, and aikido student of Morihei Ueshiba). Minimum effort means total relaxation. Maximum efficiency entails using the body and mind in a coordinated way, engaging the attacker completely, and “neutralising” them in the fastest way possible.

Gerald Lopez learned aikido in the 1980s-90s under Sensei Kenneth Williams, one of Abbe’s first UK students and subsequent Chief Instructor. Williams integrated Abbe’s comprehensive budo method with the profound insights of Koichi Tohei, and was a charismatic aikido teacher with a dynamic style.

What we will explore:

  • The four principles of mind-body coordination and how they are applied throughout aikido.
  • Engaging with both the uke’s mind and body for effortless leading and throws.
  • Letting go of “trying to throw,” for natural, relaxed, powerful movement.
  • Exploring mindset, space, and movement to manage single and multiple attackers.
  • Bringing together the steps into spontaneous, seamless flow that reminds us of the joy of aikido!

This seminar is suitable for aikido practitioners from any school or style, who have some experience, and who are comfortable with ukemi (though you may opt not to do breakfalls). Aikido teachers are most welcomed! Be prepared for gentle practice that leads to perspiration!

Two sessions of 55 minutes, with one 10-minute tea break.

Register for the Workshop

Saturday July 27th 2024

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